TE 3000 Turismo Ejecutivo has as a mission the rent of buses and minibuses to transport tourists that arrive to Venezuela, by air or sea, to the cities or any other place in the national territory. 
                   Beside this, we already have a list of clients, integrated by groups that dedicates to the most diverse activities; passing through comercials to socials, profesionals to culturals, sport, artistics and recreation.
                   We offer a five star service with a modern fleet of units, experimented bus drivers and crew, that guarantee, quality of Service and a happy return to home.
                   We are a young Company, directed with personal atention by young people, with the experience and responability adquired in Aeroexpresos Ejecutivos, C.A., the company with most excelence vocation in the service and leader in the land transport of pasengers in the country.

¡We follow that line of work!
¡Our prices are competitives and we are the BEST!


        Passengers Transport

 Commission and Charge